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Since 2000, Alberto Pinto has been designing aircraft interiors. Pinto felt aircrafts to be a natural evolution of the brand since his clients are known for traveling frequently around the world. When Pinto’s team ventured into aviation this presented unique challenges such as the requirement of aeronautical officials’ approval on all decorative additions.


These challenges also brought forth new opportunities for Pinto to execute at its peak level of creativity due to the limited availability of space and the crucial choices in best materials of woods, carbon, fibers, carpet, leather and metals. Complete and total precision to an interior design is a consistent hallmark of Pinto work and aviation has been no exception. To date, Pinto has completed over thirty specially designed aircraft interiors , Airbus A319, A320, Boeing 747-800, 737 BBJ, Bombardier, Gulstream, Dassault Falcon.

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