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Creation at the Service of Luxury

The know-how of Pinto’s interior designers is to place the client at the heart of the creative process to conceive and realize projects in their image, all the while keeping in mind the need for quality and comfort.  Always unique and of the highest quality, these interiors tell a new story each time, inspired by the personality and the way of life of their owner, taking into consideration not only their tastes and desires, but also their cultural specificities, lifestyles and habits.

Necessity of Custom-made Luxury

A project undertaken by the interior designer is a unique creation where this need is expressed and diffused in all the details. The enhancement of the spaces, the colors, the light, the comfort of the furniture, the seating, right through to the house linens and table services.  Everything is thought out, conceived and designed for the client, like a unique jewel, whether an oriental Ryad in Marrakech, a contemporary pied-à-terre for a businessman in Paris or a ceremonial palace in London.

La Haute Decoration Expertise

To meet the client’s expectations and conceive for them unique interiors, PINTO has always focused on the importance of creation. PINTO has an address book of several thousand companies, craftsmen and galleries in France and throughout the world, capable of producing furniture, carpets, fabrics, lighting etc. The unique know-how of theses trades is then directed by Pinto’s interior designers creating La Haute Décoration.

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