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Alberto Pinto began designing the interiors of boats as soon as he became a decorator. His first project was La Créole, the yacht owned by the Gucci family. Today, Pinto is one of the leading design firms in the yacht business. In this highly competitive field, Pinto’s signature spirit of innovation has already won the agency numerous awards.

Considering the specific technical constraints associated with this type of project, there is no way that the usual layout of a house can be reproduced on a boat, no matter how large, since the waves make it an unstable surface! The agency consolidates all of the fittings, from the furniture to the tableware and hardware, before delivering it to the shipyards on-site. Across an array of materials (such as mahogany, teak, and sycamore), the use of ocean-inspired colors (including blue, turquoise, and coral), and nods to the world of sailing, Pinto lends an air of holiday and relaxation to these extraordinary ships, which could be considered “beach houses.”

Here, even more than in any other domain, outstanding, custom-made interiors are considered the norm. If you are looking to convert yacht space into a billiard room or a giant aquarium, Pinto can meet the challenge.

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