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Alberto Pinto entered this field at the request of a real-estate promoter whose private homes he had already decorated.

This client, who was constructing a series of office buildings, entrusted Pinto with decorating them, convinced that a decorative touch lending an air of prestige would help them to sell or be rented more quickly.

To date, more than 150,000 squares meters of building space and company headquarters have been decorated by Pinto. Prestige, modernity, comfort, and the well-being of people in the workplace are the dominating values behind these projects. Early on, Pinto understood the lobby’s essential role in these buildings, serving as a company’s calling card by providing an immediate visual indication to visitors of its economic and social power.

The values of companies that are committed to modernity come through across their selection of noble materials and the precision of finishes. Carpets, rugs, furniture, and the artwork hanging in both hallways and waiting rooms are specifically chosen in order to do away with the image of standardization and anonymity that is often associated with such vast spaces. Cafeterias, which are frequently overlooked, are equally accorded special attention, becoming brightly-colored and luminous environments in which to relax and congregate. The goal is to harness the space so that the company ethos can shine through and the people who bring it to life are highlighted, thus conveying a specific social and economic message.

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