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Portrait Fahad Hariri

Fahad Hariri

“It all starts with a story, we feel an emotion, then we create a space to give it substance.”

Born in 1980, Fahad Hariri is a collector, and an art and design enthusiast who graduated from the École Spéciale d’Architecture in Paris. He dedicated the early years of his career to real estate before becoming the new owner and CEO of PINTO in 2020.

An architect who graduated from Paris’s École Spéciale d’Architecture, Fahad Hariri is also a collector with a passion for the decorative arts. Since 2011, he has established close ties with Alberto Pinto, entrusting the practice with five personal projects. During that time as a client, Fahad Hariri has developed a taste for interior architecture and interior design. So when in 2020 Linda Pinto announced her decision to step down, it was only natural for him to come forward and express his interest in taking over the practice he had come to know so well.

Alberto Pinto

Alberto Pinto

“No matter the style, i love eclectisme. The most important are the volume the space and the light. ”

Marked by various cultural influences since his early childhood, Alberto Pinto, a legendary figure in the world of decoration and interior design, built his great work upon the mingling of cultures, the eclectic and his relentless quest for the exceptional. 


After having studied at the Ecole du Louvre in Paris, Alberto Pinto set off for New York City where he created a photo agency specialized in architecture and decoration.


During several years Alberto developed his taste for interior design, notably when he had the chance to do photo shoots for the press group Condé Nast and in particular for the magazine House & Gardens, in Mexico working alongside architect Luis Baragan where he discovered the sense of volume and the power of color, in Italy where he deepened his understanding of design, in England alongside the talented interior designer David Hicks and again during his travels to India.


At the end of the ‘60s, Alberto Pinto, took upon himself personally to design the interior of his own NYC apartment and following the rush of requests to do others, led him to create his interior design firm in Paris, where according to him you can still find to this day the most skillful and talented artisans and craftsmen.


Alberto Pinto Interior Design appropriates the eclectic taste of its international clientele in adjusting its decors to each of their desires all the while adding elegance which creates a balance within such opulence.  Classical or contemporary, intimate or gigantesque, at ease in all disciplines with the leitmotiv being a feeling of comfort and an expectation of the highest quality

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