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Interior Design Agency founded 50 years ago by the great Master of Interiors, Alberto Pinto, today PINTO is reinventing itself under the impulse of its new President, Fahad Hariri.

Indeed, Alberto Pinto left his mark on the interior design and decorative art worlds by embodying more than a style. His, was a true art of living, graced by his generosity, hospitality, sense of comfort, and love of spaces, both sumptuous and joyful.

Fahad Hariri, already a part of this lineage, together with his team under the artistic direction of Pietro Scaglione, are now building on this legacy.  A page turns in the House’s history with a new visual identity and name:  PINTO.

PINTO today includes two branches : PINTO Decoration, for the creation, development and realization of all the interior design projects, and PINTO Collections, for the design and production of furniture and decorative items, including the collections of porcelain table services – l’art de la table.

Interior design is above all a matter of listening and of transforming space. Design and creation take shape with the infinite details of PINTO’s layouts:  works of art, furniture, fabrics and objects, all together making one. The hand of the decorator must disappear, and the room must seem to have always existed exactly as it appears.

PINTO is a reference worldwide in interior design through its creations and designs.  

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