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Chanel, Ernest Hemingway, and Marcel Proust - even chose to live in hotels, drawing their inspiration from them.


Pinto considers the interior design of an hotel to be the natural extension of residential interior design. Far from the uniform, standardized appearance found in so many large hotel chains, each hotel is conceived as a comfortable and luxurious home, and particular emphasis is placed on the singularity of each location.

Each hotel is unique, and everything has been done to make the traveler feel like he or she has been welcomed somewhere genuine and inviting.


Pinto strives to imbue each hotel with a strong identity. In Saint Emilion, a town lying right at the heart of Bordeaux’s historical wine country, the Hostellerie de Plaisance exudes the type of refinement that favors the shared enjoyment of fine wines. Each room is personalized, elegant, and serene. At The Lanesborough in London, respecting the hotel’s English style was fundamental. The materials, furniture, and decorative objects add to the authenticity of this marvelous building. The Ciragan Palace in the center of busy Istanbul was reconceived with Ottoman and Orientalist influences.

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